Experience before you build

” I am in the kitchen – not mine. A beautiful polished concrete bench. Views of both the ocean and the backyard pool. A simple but stylish layout – same with the garden. I venture down the staircase and out onto the front courtyard. I walk out through the front gate and across the road to the beach. A neighbour is out walking, seagulls fly past. I turn and look back at the house – a new angle. I leap back across the road, past the hedge and down the steps. I take a peek in the garage before sneaking through – out to the pool. Could this be my dream house? Am I dreaming?”
Excerpt from Article Virtual reality helps build new homes by Brenda Vowden
Hawke’s Bay Today 29.11.17

Experience it before you build it – use Studio26 Architects state of the art virtual reality technology to revolutionise the design and build of your dream home.

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