Our Process


The process of creating beautifully crafted and purpose-build spaces typically involves several different stages. Some stages may overlap and flow into each other. The following flow-chart shows a typical scenario. NB: the size of each stage gives a rough indication of the time likely spent on each stage of the process.
Sometimes, the planning and design process can take just as long, if not longer than the actual construction. It is better to get as much detail confirmed at the beginning before you start to get out of the ground.

Local councils, or Territorial Authorities as they are formally known, also have compliance requirements which need to be met at differing stages.

Studio26 Architects works with each client every step of the way to meet your needs whether that is to concept design stage, pricing stage or right through to construction. The first step involves meeting you to review and discuss your goals and agree on the best process to achieve these.
Our experience shows that having your Architect involved in all stages produces the best result. They know your project from the very start, know the trick of the trade to ensure time and money is spent in the right areas, and are experienced in managing the different trades and contractors. The adage that you sometimes need to spend money to save money is borne out time and time again as is often highlighted in property shows such as Grand Designs!



We are committed to developing high quality and carefully considered designs. We achieve this by working alongside clients during the design stage, either in close collaboration or by leading the design process. Our value-for-money designs provide innovative, sustainable and, desirable solutions.
We pride ourselves on explaining design concepts to our clients in easily understood terms that avoid confusion, or better still using 3D computer modelling – a picture paints a thousand words!


Project estimation and accuracy is vital for clients on any sort of budget. We match the brief and possible design solution to a cost or budget. Ensuring accurate costing at an early stage is important. Our comprehensive documentation leads to accurate and competitive pricing. The more information provided, the better the contractors and sub-contractors can price the project, resulting in cost effective solutions. On limited budgets, some items will need to be prioritized and this can be achieved early in the project.


Continued consultation with the client is crucial and we take every step to keep our clients fully informed, and to also manage expectations. It is never too late to alter an item, keeping in mind the cost consequences of that change.


Knowing how much and when you will be charged for our services is important in planning and managing the project. This will be discussed early in the design process so everyone knows and can agree on what is expected. Our charges are typically time and disbursements or a percentage of the construction cost depending on the type of project.
We can invoice monthly on a ‘work to date’ basis or arrange to invoice at certain stages. This will all be discussed and agreed prior to commencing.


Studio26 Architects Ltd are a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and use the NZIA contracts for the Agreement for Architects Services.

The NZIA contracts provide a description of the outputs of each stage, and these can help to better explain what is involved in each step of the process.